Types of bras

Part 1 Did you know that we have about 34 types of bras?

We choose 7 classic models and today we will introduce you to some of them.

Let's get started.

Types of #bras


Non-padded bras are bras whose cups are soft and easily adapt to the shape of the breast. They are usually made of one layer of lace, cotton or microfiber. The cups of a soft bra can be non-wired or wired.

  •  Non-wired: A non-wired bra can have many cuts and shapes, but it is always a bra with no underwire inside. It is especially suitable for young girls, pregnant and lactating women, women after breast surgery and for home wear. It is very popular among the older generation of women who prefer comfort. You can use it as a sleep bra.

  • Underwired: Underwired cuts give the breasts a high degree of support while maintaining their natural shape. They are suitable, above all, for larger breasts, they fit perfectly and fit well.

Half padded

The lower part of the bra cups is stiffened and slightly profiled, while the upper part does not contain stiffening, it is soft and flexible. The top, unstiffened part of the cup is usually made of lace or tulle.

The semi-stiffened bra cut is suitable for all breast sizes - thanks to the bottom stiffening, the bra maintains a nice shape of the breasts, although in the upper part it does not add volume to the breasts. In short, the lower part provides support for the breast, while the soft upper part adapts to the roundness and shape of the bust.


Push-up bra lifts the bust and creates a full cleavage. It is a padded bra with underwires (it can also be without), which has inserts in the lower part, thanks to which the breasts are raised and the neckline seems fuller. These inserts may be removable or combined directly with the cup. The sizes of the inserts vary, so the bra can enlarge the bust by up to two sizes (double push-up). The types of insoles are also diverse - from foam, through silicone, to gel.

  • The push-up bra is suitable for both small and medium-sized breasts.

Part 2 

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