Interesting Facts about Lingerie


Interesting fact about lingerie - must read 

      The English word "lingerie" is derived from French and means - no more and no less - a linen, that is the main material from which this garment was initially produced.

      The original bras known in ancient Greece as the apodesmos were one of the first attempts to protect and support women's breasts - they were peculiar bands made of linen or wool

In the 17th century, breast-lifting bras reigned at royal courts. In many cases, they prevented the ladies from eating freely! This is called push-ups.

       The history of bra cup markings dates back to 1935 and, importantly, the range is constantly expanding. Initially, ladies could only choose from four sizes: from A to D. Today there are several times more...

     Panties resembling modern ones appeared relatively recently, because in the interwar period, and in 1939, the first thongs were designed.

       When it comes to bras - their prototype referring to today's solutions, was invented in 1913 by Mary Phelps Jacobs, and a year later - patented by Warner's.

      Today, the average woman has an average of 9 bras and 21 pairs of panties, and almost 1/3 of them declare that they are able to give up buying another part of their wardrobe, if it does not match the bra they already have.

        The first padded bra was designed in 1943 and the first push-up bra - five years later - in 1948.

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