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Types of #bras 



A balconette (sometimes also called a balcony) is a bra with a special cut of the cups - in the case of this bra, they are cut lower and their upper part is equal. The middle part between the breasts is high, the balconette usually also has side underwires, which ensures a stable support for the breast even after unfastening the straps. The balconies also have a silicone strip on the inside of the circumference to prevent the bra from slipping.

This cut of the bra supports the bust from the bottom towards the top (it often has inserts as well), it emphasizes the upper line of the bust, creating a beautiful, full neckline.

Advice: How to distinguish a balconette from a standard bra - in the case of a balconette, the top of the cups should almost smoothly follow the circumference of the bra.


This bra cut combines the advantages of a standard padded bra and balconies. The Half Bardot bra is basically a padded bra with an open cup shape. The cups are made of two or three parts, which are sewn with only vertical seams (unlike most stiffened bras with T-shaped seams). Thanks to this, the cups can be lowered and create the same effect as a classic balconette. However, they are also suitable for more frequent wear. They provide excellent stability also in the case of large breast sizes.

It visually differs from the bar by the transition between the cup and the circumference - the cups do not flow freely into the circumference, but their outer side rises towards the shoulder straps.


  •  plunge bra (sometimes called a deco plunge) is characterized by the fact that in the front between the cups it has a bridge as low as possible. Therefore, it is suitable for deep necklines.

  •  Plunge for small breasts: it often has pads, but unlike push-ups that lift the bust, the plunge pads slightly press the breasts towards each other, creating a beautiful full cleavage deep down the neckline.

  • Plunge for large breasts: does not have a push-up effect, yet has a similar effect on the bust as a plunge with pads. Uses the size of your own bust - from the side, it gently squeezes the breasts, filling the entire front bust line.
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