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Sensual black, hot red or immaculate white - what colors of women's underwear are the most attractive to men? You can use stereotypes here and suggest that the most alluring are ladies wearing fiery red lingerie sets or risk the phrase that most men are attracted to black sexy lingerie. However, the safest and closest to the truth is simply to say: it depends ...

It is not difficult to notice that both red lace lingerie and glamorous black or white lingerie can add a lot of charm to a woman. It is because not only the color itself is important, but also the cut of the underwear, its fitting to the female figure and the circumstances in which it is worn. Let's also pay attention to the fact that brunettes can look very effective in other colors than blondes with fair complexion. We have much more possibilities on the market than lingerie sets in classic and willingly worn black, emphasizing dark complexion and suggesting purity of white, as well as effective red, stimulating men's senses.

Black color is a real guarantee in the bedroom. It looks good on both ladies with light and dark complexion. It can be worn by brunettes, blondes and women with fiery red hair. Is he liked by men? Many men believe that sexy black lingerie adds sex appeal to women. It is a color that never gets boring and is perfect both for a romantic evening and for everyday wear under clothes.

  • Angel White

White lingerie sets are most often associated with innocence. However, this does not mean that they are only for young girls. White sexy lingerie looks especially good on a tanned body. It can be worn by both brunettes and blondes. When choosing it, ladies with very fair complexion should be careful.

  • Hot red underwear

Can red sexy lingerie raise the temperature in the bedroom? Many gentlemen can confirm that it definitely is.

This color is suitable for a hot date and can bring a bit of madness to the relationship. However, it is worth remembering not to limit yourself to it, but use various possibilities.


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